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        2. 1
          The first-class quality, high oil, worry free customer service

          Provide overall press solution

        3. Press long service life
        4. The professional press design team
        5. National identification promotion
        6. Press customer service without the cost of supply of accessories
        7. 2
          17 years of professional accumulation

          Intentions to serve all customers

        8. Experience in the implementation of the programme
        9. Free technical support
        10. Overall after sales training
        11. Customer case & solution
          Nanyang Qifeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in the development, manufacturing, engaged in grain and oil processing machinery products of the Professional Company, Chinese Agricultural Machinery Association member units. The company mainly produces auto spiral oil press, edible oil refining equipment, peanut sheller, seeds frying machine, seeds frying machine sorting machine and other products. The company trademark is registered in the State Trademark Bureau of the exclusive trademark, as the national famous trademark.
          contact us
            Address:The eastern section of the Yangtze River Road, Nanyang City, Henan Province, No. 168, China
          News information
          Company dynamics
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